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Event Car Parking


The team at DSTMLtd aims to offer the perfect solution in pre-planning. An in depth discussion and visit to the site, and the route involved is necessary to understanding all your requirements and make recommendations. Understanding your site and traffic volumes and timings is essential for us to liaise with all agencies involved. We will cover all aspects of the traffic management regulations for events to obtain registration.

Keeping all parties up to date with the progress is important and we are happy to liaise with all parties. 


Early preparation of the site is essential so that everything is in place for the first visitors to arrive.

Our staff will direct your customers to a car parking space quickly and efficiently.   We can manage the exit phase too.  Good communication and queue management helps to keep visitors happy and safe at this busy time.

We operate throughout the East Midlands Region at prestigious events which includes many fixed venues including The Boston Marathon, Woodhall 1940's Festival and many more.

Dave Skells and his team of traffic officers have a vast knowledge and experience in the events industry and through recommendations continues to increase the number of events managed making it one of  the best event management teams and one of the best traffic management teams in the East Midlands.

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